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Working dairy barn on Crilow Farms

1988- Barn purchased and immediately remodeled for retail. 


1988-2000- Barn was rented out for retail space.

June 2000- Ruth Schlabach opened a retail store on the main level of the barn. 

2002-Ruth took over all the retail space and Village Gift Barn was born. 

Gift Barn 4x6.png

Village Gift Barn Addition

Spring 2006

15,000 square feet



Country Gatherings


Country Gatherings Remodel

Spring 2007

Spring 2009

The boutique  began in a small corner of Village Gift Barn 

An addition was added on the main floor of Village Gift Barn for the new growing Boutique 

Spring 2011

The Gardens at Country Gatherings

Spring 2016


Steve and Ruth Schlabach are blessed to have a great team to work beside at 

The Sheiyah Market Campus.

The campus offers over 50,000 sq ft of a relaxing, shopping experience.

With over 70 employees, Sheiyah Market continues to look for opportunities to give back to the community.

We love our customers and look forward to many more years of growing and providing you with new amazing products

Sheiyah Market One Line.png

June 2020


rebrands to become

Sheiyah Market Core Focus

Our culture is founded on principals of respect, vision and passion to bring you the best and most creative products that we can find.

We want you to be delighted and inspired.

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